Thanks to its capitalisation and its years of experience, Boët StopSon is able to offer its customers extensive R&D resources while complying with applicable national and international standards.Boët StopSon has an engineering department (composed of business engineers, acoustic engineers, development engineers, etc.) that works on continuously developing its products, taking into account the various construction codes (ASME, EN, CODAP…) as well as the applicable acoustic standards and regulations.

To best meet its customers’ expectations Boët StopSon has its own laboratory and testing resources:

  • Anechoic and reverberation chambers
  • Kundt impedence tubes for measuring absorption coefficients
  • Measurement of fade values and absorption coefficients, and calculation of power levels of small equipment
  • Source location imaging
  • Studies of pulsation and vibration acoustic phenomena in piping systems
  • Flexibility studies when under load, pressure and thermal dynamics
  • Finite element modelling


Bureau of acoustic, vibration and pulsation studies