BOËT StopSon is proud of supporting the Tunisian power generation capacity development

We just designed and supplied the noise control solutions to be implemented on the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) of the new STEG combined cycle plant in Rades.


The scope includes 15 steam vent silencers installed downstream of safety and control valves, as well as a splitter silencer installed in the 6.9m diameter stack of the combined cycle plant.


The HRSG is installed downstream of two MHPS M701F gas turbines for a total capacity of 450MW which will represent more than 10% of Tunisian power generation capacity in 2020.


BOËT StopSon has been selected thanks to its proven track record with the STEG and because of its extensive expertise in HRSG noise control. With several hundred silencers and acoustics shrouds successfully operating worldwide, BOËT StopSon is a major partner for HRSG noise control.