BOËT StopSon has entered 2017 with confidence

After a 2016 full of dangers, destabilised by the financial difficulties of its English parent company, BOËT StopSon, under the guidance of Christian John, Chief Restructuring Officer of Fontenay Operating Partner, has managed to find the necessary resources to continue to offer high value-added acoustic solutions and products on the market while maintaining the trust of its main partners, suppliers, and customers.

A strong financial commitment

With financial support from the highest authorities of the Hauts-de-France region, through a €500K medium-term loan, the BOËT StopSon team has also managed to unite investors around an ambitious plan to lay the foundations for its redeployment and strengthen its capital base.

The company’s capital has thus been transferred in full to regional investors, who injected €1.3 million of new money, bringing the share capital to €1.165 million.

After holding various senior management positions in the glass industry, Jean-Luc Batkin, a mechanical engineer, wanted to take over a regional industrial SME with recognised know-how. By acquiring a majority stake in BOËT StopSon, alongside DALLE & Associés, the top holding company of the COUSIN Frères group, he has shown his strong commitment to the future of BOËT StopSon, while ensuring that it has the financial autonomy necessary to develop its activities by strengthening its capital base by €1.3 million.

A clear, ambitious plan

BOËT StopSon intends to continue to develop its technological leadership by maintaining a constant research and development effort, backed by its many years of experience in the treatment of noise pollution, whether in the fields of energy production or process industries, in the building or medical sector.

Thanks to the powerful digital simulation tools of its subsidiary SIM Engineering, BOËT StopSon is developing a new range of silencers with reduced size and weight, taking into account the technological developments of its customers and targeting optimised performance.

Its many international references, particularly in the field of nuclear, have also enabled it to win the contract for the supply of intake and exhaust lines for 58 back-up diesel engines, which will enhance the safety of each nuclear reactor in the French fleet to be installed for 2018.

BOËT StopSon would like to thank all of its customers, suppliers, and other partners for their continued trust during this difficult transition period and intends to continue to develop the company with them, in a reciprocal spirit of partnership and mutual growth.