BOËT StopSon : France’s leading supplier of audiometric test equipment And medical research!

BOËT StopSon is the leading French supplier of audiometric test equipment for medical research.

For nearly 60 years, BOËT StopSon has been designing, manufacturing and installing soundproof cabins / rooms for hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, laboratories and medical centres around the world.

If you need a single standard screening booth, a booth for custom audiological examinations or acoustic treatment of an existing room, you can be sure that the equipment manufactured by Boët StopSon will fully comply with the acoustic criteria, technical standards and national and international specifications.

By choosing our equipment, you will benefit from many advantages:

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance;
  • Components tested in the laboratory and in situ;
  • A range of standard cabins but also custom-made;
  • A modular construction that allows disassembly and reassembly of structures elsewhere, if necessary, without loss of acoustic performance;
  • A pleasant work environment for both practitioners and patients;
  • High quality interiors with the ability to customise colours and finishes;
  • Flexible design to fit your particular needs;
  • Simple construction and / or double walls.

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