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Hearing test chambers

Boët StopSon designs, makes and installs hearing test chambers that meet all the architectural and aesthetic constraints of its customers.

Its experience and expertise allow Boët StopSon to offer the best top-of-the-range facilities in terms of design and acoustic performance.

Boët StopSon‘s turnkey service has been developed to meet the national and international standards that regulate the design and construction of equipment used to conduct hearing tests.

This means that the installation of lighting and electrical systems is part of the turnkey service offered by Boët StopSon. Furthermore, Boët StopSon takes full responsibility for the design, selection and installation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, thereby ensuring adherence to acoustic standards (ambient noise levels).

By choosing Boët StopSon hearing test chambers, you get many advantages:

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance
  • Components that are laboratory and field tested
  • Economical, high performance solutions
  • A range of fully customised solutions
  • "Modular" performance (absorption coefficients, reverberation times)
  • Installations that can be adapted for use in other screening procedures such as radiological, respiratory, dermatological and vision...
  • A pleasant work environment for practitioners and patients
  • High-quality interiors with customisable colours and finishes
  • Flexible design to adapt to your particular requirements
  • Comprehensive project management by Boët StopSon
  • A single contact person