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Audiometric booths

For over 60 years, Boët StopSon has been designing, making and installing standard and made-to-measure audiometric metal booths. Installed in numerous hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, laboratories and medical and research centres all around the world, these audiometric booths fully comply with technical and acoustic standards and can be adapted to the specifics of each project.

To best satisfy its customers, Boët StopSon offers a wide range of standard and made-to-measure audiometric booths:

Given its dimensional characteristics, the Audio 1500 series is delivered in kit form. Delivery and installation are included in the turnkey service offered by Boët StopSon.

Standard Audio 1000 series

The Audio 1000 is the smallest audiometric booth in the range marketed by Boët StopSon.

The Audio 1000 booth is an extremely competitive solution, ideal for audiometric tests (certified ISO 8253-1:2010). Perfectly suited to occupational physicians and public bodies, it is entirely autonomous, equipped with its own ventilation and lighting system, a seat, a shelf and a connection panel (for connecting the audiometer). It is delivered assembled and ready-to-use on delivery. It also has casters making it completely mobile.

Standard Audio 1500 series

Slightly bigger than its smaller sibling the Audio 1000, the Audio 1500 series has the same features (acoustically and in terms of equipment). This booth guarantees an ideal environment for patients in hearing tests, in cases where access is extremely restricted.

Audio 3000 series

Available as standard or made-to-measure, the Audio 3000 series offers very high acoustic performance combined with a modular, flexible and rugged design.

A standard-setter in the French and European market, this booth is a favourite at more than 650 hospitals, clinics and independent ENT physicians.

The Boët StopSon Audio 3000 booth consists of:

  • high performance acoustic panels (single-wall)
  • a vibration-damping floor
  • an acoustic door assembly (single or double)
  • an acoustically neutral ventilation system (autonomous or connected to the existing HVAC)
  • a lighting system.

Other features can be added to suit specific requirements, such as:

  • acoustic glazing or oculus
  • connection panel
  • electrical system
  • fire safety system
  • disability access ramp
  • cable trackway
  • access hatch
  • specific floor or wall covering…
  • standard Audio 3000 audiometric booth (link to technical specifications)

Audio 6000 series

The Audio 6000 series has the same characteristics as its smaller sibling the Audio 3000 series, except that it has double walls. This booth offers extremely high acoustic performance to satisfy the most demanding requirements (as in research applications).

The Audio 3000 and Audio 6000 booths offer numerous advantages:

  • The components are laboratory tested and field tested;
  • Range of standard and made-to-measure booths;
  • Modular construction that allows structures to be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere, if necessary, without any loss of acoustic performance;
  • “Modular” performance (acoustic performance, absorption coefficients, reverberation times);
  • Flexible design to adapt to your particular requirements;
  • A modern design;
  • Greater durability than wooden booths;
  • Lower floor height;
  • Single-wall (Audio 3000) and double-wall (Audio 6000) construction;
  • Installations can be adapted to be used for other screening procedures such as radiological, respiratory, dermatological and vision…;
  • A pleasant work environment for practitioners and patients;
  • High-quality interiors with customisable colours and finishes.