With over 60 years’ experience and expertise in acoustics, Boët StopSon designs, manufactures and installs audiometric testing chambers and booths for hospitals, clinics, universities, schools, laboratories and medical centres.

Whether you need a standard or bespoke audiometric testing booth installed, or an existing acoustic chamber upgraded, you can be sure that the equipment made by Boët StopSon will fully meet the required acoustic criteria, technical standards, and national and international specifications.

Boët StopSon can meet all the acoustic, structural, mechanical and electrical requirements for Hearing Screening and Audiometric testing.

The installation of lighting, electricity, fire safety systems and patient/nurse call systems are therefore part of the turnkey service (also including design and decoration) offered by Boët StopSon.

Boët StopSon takes full responsibility for the design, selection and installation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in its audiometric booths, thereby ensuring adherence to acoustic standards (ambient noise levels).

Our audiometric installations offer many advantages:

  • The components are laboratory tested and field tested;
  • "Modular" performance (acoustic performance, absorption coefficients, reverberation times);
  • Modular, removable and capable of re-installation solutions with no loss of acoustic performance;
  • Installations can be adapted to be used for other screening procedures such as radiological, respiratory, dermatological and vision...;
  • A pleasant work environment for practitioners and patients;
  • High-quality interiors with customisable colours and finishes;
  • Flexible design to adapt to your particular requirements;
  • Guaranteed acoustic performance.

Our audiology installations include:

  • Standard audiology booths (Audio 1000 & Audio 1500 series)
  • Standard or made-to-measure single-wall audiology booths (Audio 3000 series)
  • Standard or made-to-measure double-wall audiology booths (Audio 6000 series)
  • Sound-proofing of existing rooms (audiology testing chambers)


The equipment made by Boët StopSon will fully meet the required acoustic criteria.