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BOËT STOPSON ‘s Safety – Health – Environment policy is based on the following principles and rules.


The principles:

  • There is no inevitability: any health, safety and environmental problem can be avoided by a preventive attitude and a perfect control of our activities and the risks attached to them.
  • Only work done in the defined security rules is a compliant job.
  • When in doubt, safety always has priority.
  • We have a duty to provide for future generations a preserved environment.


The rules of operation:

  • Any risk or event that has affected the safety, health, product and the environment must be reported immediately to the hierarchy and analysed to improve our methods.
  • The security risks at workstations must be reduced by means of analyses carried out in a participatory way.
  • Order and cleanliness are essential for quality work in safe conditions.
  • Waste recycling must be systematic.
  • There is a need to monitor the application of prevention devices in the field and to measure them efficiency.
  • It is strictly forbidden for any employee to report to his workstation if his physical condition does not allow you to perform your task safely (illness, drugs, alcohol, etc)
  • Any manager in charge of an activity who believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with this provision, must suspend the employee by immediately warning his manager.


The behavioural rules:

  • Compliance with HSE rules and instructions, and the wearing of PPE are mandatory for all of us. Safety is everyone’s business because we can never be too cautious!
  • Every employee of BOËT STOPSON, whatever his function, must be aware of his responsibility forpersonal security and that of others.
  • The management is responsible for the proper application of these rules and the facilitation of safety in its sector and must show at all times the greatest attention and set an example.

For all staff, this policy is not just a slogan or directive, but above all, a way of being, thinking and acting that is in the interest of the employee and the community.

I personally pledge to mobilise resources and implement the necessary means in respect of this policy and the legal obligations. I ask the CHS – CT to accompany me in this task and everyone to become permanently involved in this process.




February 2018