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NEW – Engine exhaust silencers SM EVO®

Our engine silencers are designed to attenuate the noise generated by the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines in various fields of application: energy, industry, railway, military, marine, mobile, emergency, nuclear, cogeneration, biogas, methanisation, UPS…

Our new generation of EVO® silencers have been optimised by our aeroacoustic engineers. Using the latest generation of finite element calculation software, this optimisation has enabled us to digitally validate the highly complex behaviour of the aeroacoustic phenomena in our silencers. Our numerical models have been qualified by dynamic tests in our laboratory and on industrial sites.

Our SM EVO® silencers are fully welded in carbon steel, with internal and external protection provided by a high-temperature black primer paint. All our silencers are internally insulated to reduce the heat release and to achieve low surface temperatures.

Our standard silencers are available from stock and can be delivered very quickly.

The direction of gas flow must be respected. Our silencers can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the available space and the layout of the exhaust system. Before any installation, it is important to read our installation, operation and maintenance manual OMM-SM.

All our silencers > 50kg are equipped with welded lifting rings.

BOËT StopSon's range of engine exhaust silencers SM EVO offers sound attenuation from 10 dB (A) to 60 dB (A) or more.

Our silencers are based on two principles of attenuation:

  • Attenuation by dissipative effect

Reactive attenuation :

– Impedance break: reflection of the wave

– Quarter wave, resonator: signal phase shift


Our know-how in aeroacoustics

New & experimental, BOËT StopSon has constantly developed new acoustic and aeraulic simulation tools, from the analogue calculators of the 1970s to the 100% digital 3D simulators of today.


Thanks to this comprehensive knowledge, BOËT StopSon is able to guarantee the acoustic and aeraulic performance of its engine silencers:

  • Attenuation of our products  (complex geometries, choke-tubes, Helmholtz resonators, ¼ wavelength, Herschel Quincke)
  • Optimization of the reactive parts of silencers by removing interference that can be detrimental to the overall performance of the silencers.
  • Impact of the silencer structure (mechanical and acoustic coupling)
  • Characterisation of the behaviour and performance of absorbent materials at low and high temperatures.
  • Pressure drops (CFD aeraulic calculations)

All our tools have been qualified on static and dynamic test benches.


Tailor-made for your exhaust silencers

Aware of the specificities of its clients’ businesses, BOËT StopSon offers adaptable products.

Our business expertise, combined with the latest calculation and simulation tools, enables BOËT StopSon to offer optimised silencers adapted to the specifications of specific projects. Our acoustic engineering and manufacturing approach provides you with a complete offer for the noise problems of your exhaust systems.

Other associated functions such as gas treatment, spark arrestors, chimneys, measuring devices (NFX trap), etc. can be integrated into our offer.

For specific projects, our team of experts will provide you with a fast and appropriate response. The proper integration of our custom-made products into your final environment is essential and remains a permanent objective.

Our project engineers ensure the follow-up and the respect of the commitments for the success of the project and a total customer satisfaction.

We offer :

  • Catalysed silencers
  • Rectangular silencers
  • Oval silencers
  • Chimney silencer…


Download the brochure : Engine exhaust silencer SM EVO




Why choose BOËT Stopson for your exhaust silencers?

BOËT StopSon is a dynamic SME specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic solutions.

BOËT StopSon has more than 60 years of experience with several thousand installations throughout the world.

We supply all types of silencers in the most diverse materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, others… for all types of fluids, accompanied by a qualified manufacturing process.

Our skills enable us to meet your installations in a wide range of powers, from a few kW up to 1500 kW for our standard exhaust silencers held in stock, up to 10MW for our complete standard range.

We can also supply custom-made silencers entirely tailored to your needs. In this case, each project is meticulously studied so that the product we offer you is technically optimised and meets your requirements.

BOËT StopSon masters all the techniques specific to silencers, and our acoustic engineering department is equipped with the latest finite element calculation technologies. Our laboratory has a static and dynamic test bench in order to qualify our designs. Permanent investment in R&D leads to continuous innovation.

The proper integration of our standard or custom products into your final environment is essential and remains a permanent objective.

BOËT StopSon brings you all the skills of experienced acoustic engineering and all the know-how of a silencer manufacturer at the service of the customer and in compliance with our commitments.


Would you like more information about our engine exhaust silencers? Please contact us!