Boët Stopson - Silencieux en ligne wave

Inline silencers: SL

Boët Stopson offers an extensive range of silencers designed for suction and discharge equipment, vacuum pumps, boosters, compressors, and pressurised fluid pipelines.

Our engineers at Boët Stopson, all specialists in designing inline silencers, install tailored solutions to meet every one of our customers’ noise reduction requirements.

Inline silencer design has to comply with building codes such as: SAME, CODA, CODETTA, CRAM…

The acoustic definition of our tailored inline silencers. Our inline silencers are based on two noise attenuation principles:

  • Absorption
  • Reactive wave displacement

Our inline silencers achieve an acoustic performance of 15 to 49 dB (A). These can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the available space and the track of the piping. Our staff can advise on the optimal position for the inline silencer.