Boët Stopson - échappement moteur wave

Engine exhaust silencers: SM

Boët StopSon offers a wide range of standard engine exhaust silencers for all types of internal combustion engines powered by petrol, diesel, gas, biogas…

The Boët StopSon range of engine exhaust silencers offers noise attenuation of 15 dB (A) to 50 dB (A) or more.

Optimised by our R&D department, these engine silencers are based on two noise control principles:

  • Absorption: for silencers in the 10 to 25 dB (A) reduction class
  • Reactive and wave displacement: for silencers in the 30 to 50 dB (A) reduction class


Key features:

  • Wide range of standard engine exhaust silencers available in stock
  • Wide range of engine exhaust silencers for specific applications: cogeneration, containers, sea, rail, gensets (backup, prime, no-break)
  • Choice of engine exhaust silencer designs (circular, rectangular or oval) and wide choice of materials
  • Engine exhaust silencers fitted with radial or axial inlets, double inlets possible


Additional functions:


  • Engine exhaust silencers can accept catalytic converters. These catalytic silencers are based on a multi-stage device that can deliver acoustic performance of 15 dBA to 60 dBA. Device supplied with or without housing.
  • Extensive range of accessories (flanges, flange adaptors, round elbow, rain flap, etc.) for all engine exhaust silencers.
  • Spark arrestors, available singly or incorporated in engine exhaust silencers that meet ATEX standards
  • Comprehensive range of flues, that can incorporate compensators, the structure, chimney.


Download brochure: Engine Silencers

Download file: Catalyst Silencers

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