Boët Stopson - Atmosphère wave

Atmospheric vent silencers: SVS (air, water vapour, any type of gas)

Boët StopSon supplies solutions for reducing noise pollution from facilities venting expanded pressurised gas into the atmosphere, requiring the installation of an atmospheric vent silencer.

These atmospheric vent silencers attenuate noise by up to 75 dB (A) as the pressurised gas expands:

  • Flow up to 1500 t/hr
  • Fluid temperature -200°C > +550°C
  • Upstream pressure > 400 bars
  • Flanged or welded connection depending on the facility’s requirements
  • Welded construction tailored to the fluid and to the pressure and temperature conditions
  • Flanged or welded tube connection
  • Design and Construction complies with ASME, Codap, CODETI, RCCM…
  • Horizontal or vertical position
  • Integrated supports, rain cover, protective mesh


Alongside its extensive standard product range, Boët StopSon designs and manufactures tailored atmospheric vent silencers to meet all types of gas expansion and pressurised fluid requirements.

Boët StopSon has implemented numerous noise control systems including:

  • Atmospheric vent silencers for all types of gaseous fluids (air, steam, gas, oxygen, nitrogen…)
  • Atmospheric vent silencers, regardless of the pressure upstream of the fitting
  • Atmospheric vent silencers for various applications (boilers, HRSG, pipelines, petrochemical facilities…)
  • Atmospheric vent silencers for LNG and gasification plants, thermal power stations, nuclear power stations…

Atmospheric vent silencers downstream of valves, fittings, ejectors,…


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