Solutions de reduction du bruit pour la construction navale wave

Acoustic treatment solutions for naval industry

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On the strength of its 60 years of experience, BOËT StopSon has evolved to become one of the main players in the treatment of noise pollution. Its skills recognised by its most demanding clients make BOËT StopSon the acoustic partner of the naval industry.

BOËT StopSon is a designer and manufacturer of acoustic solutions for major clients in the naval industry such as engine manufacturers, engineers, installers, architects, shipyards...

We offer standard solutions from stock or tailor-made solutions for all types of boats:

  • Maritime transport
  • Passenger transport
  • Defence
  • Technical Vessels
  • Barges
  • Yachts
  • Pleasure

  • Fishing

Our acoustic solutions are notably designed for on-board generators, propulsion engines, ventilation systems, etc.

The BOËT StopSon product range:



Main characteristics :

– Fabrication: standard, special or stainless steel
– Standard silencers available from stock
– Acoustic performance from 15 to 60 dB(A)
– Low pressure losses
– Cylindrical, oval or rectangular silencers for easy on-board installation

Available options: elbows, brackets, compensators, anti-vibration pads, thermal insulation…

Silencieux moteur bateau

Echappement moteur bateau

bateau marine

Acoustic engineering & manufacturing

In a global engineering approach, we consider all the constraints and requirements of our customers related to the implementation of our acoustic solutions for the marine industry. We carry out aero-acoustic and mechanical simulations and pulse analyses to define the constraints applied to our equipment.


We define solutions to limit the demands on customer interfaces and guarantee qualification according to the required standards and codes.

Standards and qualifications

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  • Test facilities and product qualifications

– Kundt tube
– Anechoic and reverberation chambers
– Static and dynamic test bench
– Finite element calculation

  • Building codes :

– EN 13445

– PED 2014 68 UE


  • Welder qualification and procedures :

- EN287 & ASME IX • CND

- Penetrant Testing

- Radiographies


- Ultrasounds

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BOËT STOPSON, acoustic partner of the naval industry