Boët Stopson - Package acoustique wave

Acoustic package

Boët StopSon offers acoustic packages to cover every requirement in the market, from very specific and/or one-off for individual users, to recurring needs that require combining other technical functions for manufacturers (OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturers).

The acoustic package solution offered by Boët StopSon sharply reduce the noise from industrial equipment for the following applications:

  • Energy production facilities (gas turbines, steam turbines, boiler rooms, HRSG, engines, …)
  • Petrochemical and chemical facilities (refineries, ethylene production, gasification, …)
  • Gas pipelines and compression plants


Boët StopSon offers the following acoustic package services:

  • Noise readings
  • Acoustic studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Functional specifications
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Design of integrated solutions
  • Product engineering and fabrication
  • Installation
  • Guarantee of proximate and neighbourhood results
  • Equipment designed to comply with applicable regulations


Our acoustic packages are acoustic treatments that incorporate associated technical functions such as:

  • Complex ventilation
  • Protection of active parts
  • Maintenance
  • Access for operators
  • Logistics
  • Integration of complex functions (robots, ATEX, etc…)
  • Machine interfaces
  • Resistance to installation conditions
  • Integration of instrumentation and fire systems
  • Offshore or Onshore application