Boët StopSon is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of noise reduction systems.

Boët StopSon can support your energy production projects anywhere in the world, adapting its offer to your requirements, and optimising its technical and economic functionalities to give you an effective, lasting noise control solution.

Boët StopSon's comprehensive approach to noise nuisance ensures solutions that are tailored to each customer – whether OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction), or End User – to attenuate noise in applications such as:



  • Cogenerating plants
  • Combined-cycle plants


  • Compression plants
  • Backup facilities


...and at every stage of your facility's life-cycle (new, upgrade, maintenance).

Boët StopSon has installed numerous noise pollution reduction systems in various industrial settings, including:

  • Industrial gas turbines (5 to 250 MW)
  • Steam turbines
  • Diesel engines
  • Gas engines
  • Biogas engines (green energy)
  • Alternators
  • Heating and heat recovery plants (HRSG silencers)
  • Hot and cold flues, by-pass


Nuclear Applications:

Boët StopSon is a major player in the nuclear industry and is respected by its customers (EDF, AREVA, Alstom, etc.) for offering optimal acoustic solutions:


  • Combustion air + engine exhaust lines with integral filtration
  • Vent silencers
  • Acoustic packages (turbine, compressors, pumps...)


Boët StopSon's project management process complies with the special rules and standards of the nuclear industry (particularly, document management for nuclear projects).

Boët StopSon's expertise enables us to design and make:

Silencers (of any type)

  • engine exhaust silencers
  • gas turbine silencers
  • ventilation silencers
  • vent silencers
  • boiler silencers
  • HRSG silencers
  • inline silencers...


Acoustic Packages

  • Turbines, compressors, engines