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Soundproof studios

The range of solutions offered by Boët StopSon for setting up soundproof studios includes a large choice of equipment designed to:

  • Insulate from external noise
  • Control the sounds generated inside the establishment
  • Guarantee insulation against the transmission of noise vibrations through the structure.



Whether you are looking for a modular facility or special equipment for existing premises (acoustic door assemblies, glazing, panels). Boët StopSon has the know-how and experience to offer you the right solution.

These solutions can be used in the following applications:

  • Dubbing studios
  • Post-Production TV/film/video studios
  • Recording studios
  • Rehearsal studios
  • TV / Radio Studios


Boët StopSon studios are built using a system of laboratory-tested acoustic components, combined to form complete high-performance structures.

Walls, floors and ceilings are assembled from 100 mm thick prefabricated acoustic panels, complete with high performance acoustic doors and windows that can be incorporated into almost any configuration.

Our solutions will satisfy all emergency, acoustic, structural, mechanical and electrical requirements. This means that the installation of lighting. electrical and fire safety systems is part of the turnkey service offered by Boët StopSon.

Furthermore, Boët StopSon takes full responsibility for the design, selection and installation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, thereby ensuring adherence to acoustic constraints (ambient noise levels).

Our turnkey service also includes design and decoration.

The design of Boët StopSon's modular solutions ensures simple, economical and highly flexible installation.

Soundproof studios can be constructed as single- or double-walls units, thus offering acoustic insulation to suit the specific needs and characteristics of each project.

  • Acoustic door assemblies
  • Acoustic glazing
  • Acoustic panels
  • Sound-absorbing panels