Acoustic door assemblies (casement, sliding, fire rated)

With over 60 years’ experience in the field of acoustics, Boët StopSon offers a wide range of high-performance acoustic door assemblies (from Rw 44 to Rw 63 dB).

Boët StopSon designs, manufactures and installs acoustic door assemblies for a large number of applications, including:

  • concert halls and theatres
  • discotheques
  • recording studios
  • hospitals
  • laboratories
  • industrial and commercial buildings
In fact, practically anywhere requiring noise attenuation.

All standard StopSon acoustic door assemblies are tested and certified, in accordance with applicable international testing procedures.

Every acoustic door assembly is made using very high quality materials and equipment. They are supplied in fully tested factory-assembled kit form, including casement, frame, seals, lock, fittings and glazing (if any).

StopSon acoustic door assemblies are manufactured to the specific requirements and characteristics of each project. The design (eg: in-frame or face mounted...) and/or features (eg: colour, surface...) can be tailored to suit application specifics.

All these factors allow Boët StopSon to guarantee precise, measurable acoustic performance as well as simple, fast onsite installation.

The StopSon range offers the following products and solutions:

  • Single-leaf acoustic door assemblies
  • Double-leaf acoustic door assemblies
  • Acoustic door & sidelight assemblies
  • Oversize acoustic door assemblies (up to 10m x 10m)
  • Acoustic sliding door assemblies
  • Acoustic fire rated door
  • Acoustic louvre door
  • Acoustic glazed door assemblies
  • Acoustic hatch
Acoustic performance of the standard range: Rw 44 to 63 dB