Acoustic ventilation grilles

With its 60 years’ experience in acoustics, Boët StopSon designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of certified high-performance acoustic grilles to solve the various noise-pollution problems in the environment.

The straight-blade (LD) or curved-blade (LC) acoustic ventilation grilles offered by Boët StopSon meet the technical requirements and architectural imperatives of any type of structure such as public-access buildings, industrial buildings, boiler rooms, data centres, etc.

The LD & LC acoustic ventilation grilles offered by Boët StopSon are designed for the following applications:

  • The inlets and outlets of natural and forced air ventilation and air handling systems
  • The acoustic insulation of machines, particularly ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
  • The inlets / outlets of air coolers


Boët StopSon straight-blade (LD) or curved-blade (LC) acoustic ventilation grilles can be adapted to the specific openings and aesthetics of any type of building.

Our acoustic ventilation grilles are designed to allow air to circulate (limiting pressure loss) while protecting the environment effectively from unwanted noise.

Boët StopSon also offers acoustic door assemblies composed of acoustic ventilation grilles that integrate perfectly into an overall structure.

The LD and LC grilles have a wide range of characteristics:

  • Acoustic performance (depending on thickness)
  • Airflow performance (depending on thickness and type – LD or LC)
  • Construction (steel, aluminium, Inox)
  • Dimensions (made-to-measure)
  • Shape (square, rectangular, round…)
  • Finish (galvanised, powder paint, liquid paint...)
  • Accessories (bird deterrents, flanges...)

In-tunnel or face-mounted or in a door assembly (single or double casement)