Acoustic noise protection tarpaulins BSBA

Would you like to reduce noise pollution on a building site, in a factory or at a festive event? The BOËT StopSon range of acoustic soundproofing tarpaulins allows to fight effectively against noise pollution in all sectors of industry and construction: construction, roads, drilling, railway demolition, public works, etc.

Our high-performance solutions provide soundproofing for all your work areas and other controlled environments.Our acoustic tarpaulins are also ideal for reducing noise pollution during noisy events: festivals, concerts, sporting events…

The acoustical expertise for the noise protection of your building sites

BOËT StopSon accompanies you throughout the study phases of your project. The initial acoustic analysis allows us to know the environmental constraints of the site and thus to recommend the solutions to be implemented. During the execution phase, BOËT StopSon implements the solutions defined upstream and guarantees the required project performance.

A monitoring of the noise pollution generated by the construction site can also be implemented (acoustic monitoring).


A wide range of high-performance anti-noise tarpaulins

  • Certified performance of Rw (C; Ctr) = 10 dB (0 ; -2) for BSBA10 up to Rw (C; Ctr) = 17 dB (0 ; -2) for BSBA17+
  • Our solutions are designed to fit any type of media: scaffolding, fencing, etc…
  • We also offer tarpaulins in standard dimensions 3,5 x 2 metres
  • Our tarpaulins have a reinforced structure, they are composed of different materials with different density & characteristics
  • Fire resistant : M1 or M2 according to the models
  • Qualifications & acoustic tests performed according to ISO 717-1
  • Many variations are possible in terms of colour & graphics
  • Made in France


Simple and quick installation: QUICFIX®

We offer a very wide choice of adaptable bindings for each of your projects:

– Quick clamps
– Fixing rings with ties
– Ball clips
– Special fixings, cables, rods, etc

Our tarpaulins are delivered ready to install complete with all necessary fixings. It only takes a few minutes to set them up.

Our solutions are designed to fit any type of fence or barrier.