vitrage acoustique jusque 70 dB pour studios enceintes d’usine salles audiometriques bureaux…conçus et posés par boet wave

Acoustic glazing

Boët StopSon offers its customers a wide range of made-to-measure high-performance acoustic glazing to suit the specifics of any project. Its glazing can achieve acoustic performance of 30 to 70 dB.

The acoustic glazing designed and manufactured by Boët StopSon is laboratory-tested and subjected to systematic factory controls.





Factory-assembled, their onsite installation is fast and clean guaranteeing optimal performance.

Boët StopSon acoustic glazing is ideal for a wide variety of typical applications such as:

  • Factory premises
  • TV studios
  • Radio studios
  • Audiometric chambers
  • Testing units
  • Musical rehearsal halls
  • Offices