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BOËT StopSon harmonises your sound environment. With more than 60 years of experience, BOËT StopSon is a recognised expert in sound insulation. We help you to reduce noise pollution in the energy, building, medical and industrial sectors.

Acoustic treatment is a priority in the current environmental situation. The acoustic solutions proposed by Boët StopSon in the context of noise treatment, enable compliance with the standards in force and the rules for the protection of the noise environment.

Experts in acoustic insulation

Noise control is a priority in the present economic climate. The noise control solutions offered by Boët StopSon comply with the latest environmental noise standards and regulations.

Our engineers, all specialists in noise control, install tailored solutions to meet every customer’s noise reduction requirements.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)
  • End Users

Boët StopSon certified by Bureau Veritas

Boët StopSon has put in place engineering, design and manufacturing management systems that meet ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, certified by Bureau Veritas.


BOËT StopSon supports you in your energy production projects by recommending acoustic treatment solutions for your installations. Thanks to its many years of experience, BOËT StopSon also offers you acoustic insulation solutions in the nuclear and marine sectors. More information


BOËT StopSon proposes noise reduction devices that meet the technical requirements and architectural imperatives of all types of buildings. Thanks to its experience, BOËT StopSon has become one of the leading suppliers of quality anti-noise solutions for buildings. More information


Thanks to its experience in acoustic treatment, BOËT StopSon manufactures and installs audiometric test booths and rooms. These acoustic solutions are suitable for structures such as clinics, hospitals, schools or laboratories. More information


Ongoing changes in acoustic standards and labour regulations require QSE managers to be increasingly aware of employees' hearing problems. BOËT StopSon is your acoustic partner to respond to the requests of employees, the CHSCT, occupational medicine, the labour inspectorate or the CRAM. More information
Isophonic doors, acoustic screens, ventilation silencers or audiometric cabins, BOËT StopSon offers noise reduction devices covering the entire range of problems linked to noise pollution, from design to installation, including the manufacture of anti-noise equipment for activities as varied as energy, building, industry and the medical sector.   In order to guarantee you always have the most efficient anti-noise solutions and to remain a major player in industrial soundproofing, BOËT StopSon is reinforcing its investments in research and development through its laboratory, its specific measuring equipment and the acquisition of finite element software.   Don't wait any more, and reduce noise exposition with BOËT StopSon !  
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