Boët StopSon solves your noise control problems

Noise control is a priority in the present economic climate. The noise control solutions offered by Boët StopSon comply with the latest environmental noise standards and regulations.

Our engineers, all specialists in noise control, install tailored solutions to meet every customer’s noise reduction requirements.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)
  • End Users

Boët StopSon certified by Bureau Veritas

Boët StopSon has put in place engineering, design and manufacturing management systems that meet ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards, certified by Bureau Veritas. veritas

Boët StopSon News


Boët StopSon’s acoustic doors measure 7m x 5m at the Seine Musicale!

After 3 years of work and a 170 M € investment, a magnificent concrete liner dedicated to music opened its doors on Seguin Island in Boulogne-Billancourt. This ensemble is a unique project in France and in Europe. Inaugurated on April 21 by Bob Dylan, the Seine Musicale will offer a mix of musical genres that


BOËT STOPSON renews the Silencer at a power plant in the Canary Islands.

Boët Stopson was selected to replace a silencer delivered by its Spanish subsidiary in 1989 at a power plant located in the Canary Islands. The prime purpose of this silencer is to remove dominant tones. Due to the low speed of this engine (100 rpm) associated with its power of 24 390 kW (mechanical power),


BOËT StopSon has entered 2017 with confidence

After a 2016 full of dangers, destabilised by the financial difficulties of its English parent company, BOËT StopSon, under the guidance of Christian John, Chief Restructuring Officer of Fontenay Operating Partner, has managed to find the necessary resources to continue to offer high value-added acoustic solutions and products on the market while maintaining the trust


Presentation of R & D works to the representative of “Les Hauts de France region”.

Boët StopSon and SIM Engineering presented their R & D projects to Mr. Jérémy PARSY, Head of Mission for “Les Hauts de France Region”. The “Hauts de France region” attaches particular importance to innovative companies. Therefore they wish to accompany Boët StopSon and SIM engineering in their R & D programs initiated a few months